The Myths and Legends of the GDPR - Film Quiz

The Myths and Legends of the GDPR - Film Quiz

For this blog we look at some of the myths that have sprung up around the GDPR, together with a short quiz to see how your understanding rates on those myths. At the same time, you can have some fun (hopefully) with identifying some film references.

‘Broadsword calling Danny Boy' (1st film reference)

In the previous blog I somehow got to mention Dastardly and Muttley, so this week I’m going to get in references to my favourite films. I am taking this subject seriously, believe me; ‘always with the negative waves’ (2nd film reference). Anyway, ‘can we just crack on’ (3rd film reference) with the GDPR?

So, for this blog it’s a game of GDPR true or false. Let’s see how much you know about some of the facts (or myths) around the subject. ‘Do you feel lucky?’ (4th film reference).

Answer the following statements for true or false; the answers and explanations follow at the bottom. Keep score and, if you get them all right, ‘you win a cookie’ (5th film reference. Clue is CrapGame).

If you get less than five then it’s a case of ‘DANGER DANGER’ (6th and final film reference, honestly).

Now for the serious stuff.

GDPR Statements – True or False?

  1. Brexit will mean we do not have to implement the GDPR in the UK. TRUE or FALSE?
  2. There will be a grace period for companies to prepare after May 2018. TRUE or FALSE?
  3. I can pass all risk and responsibility to my partners via contracts. TRUE or FALSE?
  4. There are no benefits to be gained beyond compliance for an organisation planning their GDPR programme. TRUE or FALSE?
  5. The GDPR is an IT-only problem. TRUE or FALSE?
  6. It will be easier for individuals to sue for damages in the event of a breach. TRUE or FALSE?

 GDPR Answers

  1. FALSE: In fact, the UK will continue to do business with the EU and the UK government is implementing the GDPR into UK law.
  2. FALSE: In effect, we are in the grace period now; organisations have had 2 years to work on this. The Regulations will be enforced from May.
  3. FALSE: You will not be able to pass on all risks and responsibilities to partners. Documentation is publicly available now to show the responsibilities for controllers and processors.
  4. FALSE: There are many benefits along with savings opportunities. How often do we hear that data is an organisation’s most important asset? This is an opportunity to get your data in order and get your data analytics people and data scientists deriving future benefit for your organisation, rather than just cleaning up poor quality data.
  5. FALSE: This will be a corporate culture change which starts at the top of the company, with the board.
  6. TRUE: It will be easier to sue for damages and could become the next PPI in terms of claims.

So, all the above statements were false, except for the last one.

If you have questions or need help with your GDPR projects/programmes, then we can help you. Visit the website for further details

To conclude, I bet you want to confirm the film references:

  • Broadsword calling Danny Boy - Where Eagles Dare. (Did you know the castle in the film exists, but the cable car is a myth?)
  • Always with the negative waves - Kelly’s Heroes
  • Can we just crack on? - Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.)
  • Do you feel lucky? - Dirty Harry
  • You win a cookie - Kelly’s Heroes, again
  • DANGER DANGER - Robot in Lost in Space