Internet of Things / Smarter Products

Connect everything, transform anything. Companies need to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to transform products into products-as-a-service and move from a physical world to a digital world.

Bridge the Physical-Digital Divide with Our IoT Services & Solutions

It is important to look beyond the connected devices and protocols to drive business value from IoT investments. Success of an IoT initiative hinges upon capabilities in data acquisition, integration, analytics, and an in-depth expertise in enterprise business processes.

Concretely we can help you:

Engage & Enable your IoT Journey

  • Evaluate your current Product & Service Portfolio and identify needs
  • Architect your IoT Solutions 
  • Create theroadmap for your successful IoT Transformation Journey

Build & Deploy your IoT Solutions

  • Select the right technology platform solution
  • Build and Integrate Applications, IoT platforms
  • Integrate, Deploy & Manage Platform & Applications

Manage, Analyse & Correlate

  • Collect, store and manage multi-faceted data from variety of end points
  • Transform data into customer, product, service insights
  • Use analytics to create self aware, auto healing, intelligent systems and optimize performance

Institutionalize & Optimize

  • Transform support services from reactive to predictive preventive
  • Institutionalize remote product management, predictive and preventive maintenance 
  • Optimise operations continually

Why Sogeti?

You can feel confident when choosing to collaborate with us on IoT. 

  • Thousands of experts available for you
  • Global and local partnerships with the top IoT platform and complementing technology vendors – Early access to technology expertise and roadmap know how

  • End-to-end Product Design & Engineering capabilities and delivery methodology for IoT roadmaps and deployments to improve ROI and reduce time-to-market

  • IOT Labs to research and build technology IP and assets. Examples: AutoPulse, iHeal, IPS3, e-Objects

  • Deep domain expertise in the industries we serve. Leverage our Dedicated Industry Practices and Centers of Excellence – thought leadership, best practices and assets for specific industries

  • Patented methodologies for problem solving and building innovation including the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) and Accelerated Solutions Environment

Our End to End IoT Service Offering

Solution and IP examples

IoT Platform Selection for a major Telecom & Entertainment company; Evaluation criteria to select the IoT, M2M and Cloud platform, study of the platforms on business parameters to shortlist and technical assessment of the shortlisted platforms and recommendation.

IoT & Analytics Center of Excellence for a major Mining company; Establish and operate IOT and Analytics Center, assess massive volumes of data captured from mining equipment and implement our PAHS to predict and prevent engine breakdowns, boost productivity and safety.

Improving customer service for a Data Storage giant; Implementation of IHEAL Online to intercept events, apply user-defined business rules, aggregate related events, eliminate transmission of duplicates, and reduce dial homes. Use of IHEAL Offline Diagnostics to automate triaging and debugging of issues.

Failure Pattern Analysis for Medical Device Manufacturer; Predictive Failure Pattern Analysis & Diagnostics for Interventional X-Ray systems. Pattern Detection Engine of IHEAL to analyze historical data and failure logs to derive predictive failure patterns. Patterns are then deployed online to enable proactive support and automated diagnostics.

IoT for Connected Healthcare company; A home-based remote monitoring system for implantable Class III medical devices. Medical care professionals can react and interact with patients based on the nature of alerts. Provide timely medical assistance and contain healthcare costs.

IHEAL: Our Predictive analytics-based IOT solution that enables remote monitoring and diagnostic for connected products.

IAUTOPULSE: Prognostic Asset Health Solution based on first principle for accurately determining asset health and RUL ( Remaining Useful Life).

IPS3 (Integrated Product Support & Sustaining Services): Our information consolidation platform for delivering Engineering Analytics and insights from multiple product related data sources.

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