Innovation as a Service

Evolve and disrupt. Your digital enterprise needs constant innovation. We help you stand out and speed up your innovation by being disruptive.

Need to innovate faster and more cost-effectively? We are here to help. From idea to prototype, understanding what emerging technologies are availible, aligning innovation with business priorities, making innovation a part of your DNA, to testing ideas on real customers without putting your brand at stake. 

We help re-inventing industries, substituting products and services, crafting new digital business, re-configuring your delivery models and re-thinking your value propositions. An exiting journey it is!


Our Services

Our Innovation as a Service offering include:

Setting up Innovation Lab

  • Process
  • Governance
  • Tools

Internal and external ideation

  • Hackathons
  • Facilitation of innovation partnerships

Innovation management tools

  • Advising and implementing

Applied Innovation Exchange

  • Dedicated sessions in our London and San Francisco venues


Why Sogeti

Let us point out some of our strengths that you will benefit from by collaborating with us:

  • Experts in ideation
  • Always on top of emerging and innovative new technologies
  • Top worldwide experts available through SogetiLabs 
  • Strong partners for innovation; both major technology players and startups
  • Worldwide Applied Innovation Exchange program
  • Online bookstore full of thought leadership content for inspiration



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