Whether you are focused on a traditional dev/test environment, moving to an application lifecycle management approach, or implementing a modern DevOps approach, Sogeti’s OneShare accelerator can help.

Introducing OneShare for your application environment

Automate and accelerate your application time-to-market with OneShare from Sogeti. It’s our rich cloud platform service that offers a self-service portal and templates management services, along with dev/test environment provisioning, management and monitoring in public clouds.

OneShare gives you:-

  • Secure Network Connection and Virtual Machine (VM) Provisioning – helping you to provision VMs and manage environments in Azure, AWS, Google and IBM, while configuring security groups and network access control policies to secure the environment. It also helps you access cloud environment securely by setting up Site-to-Site and Point-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • OneShare Portal Services – saving you up to 40-50% cloud usage costs with a self-servicing dev/test team portal that provides standard or team/project specific dev/test templates on all cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, Google, IBM).
  • Customized Template Management giving you customized templates to provision VMs in a secured network. The templates can consist of IaaS or PaaS services based on the application, or as per customer requirement.
  • Micro Focus Test Tooling and Managed Services – using Micro Focus test tools to provide managed test service for ALM, UFT, Load Runner and Performance Center.
  •  OneShare Monitoring and Support Management – operational support activities including (but not limited to) server management, cloud storage management, back up services for VMs and disaster recovery services.

 Microsoft OneShare

OneShare Accelerator for DevOps

OneShare is our most effective DevOps accelerator. It was born out of our own need to automate our application development and test processes in public clouds. OneShare provides valuable and measurable insights on the dev/test environment, team activity, costs, and usage.

OneShare gives you:

  • Easy to use Self Service Portal and Dashboard that streamlines DevOps environment deployment on any public cloud platform
  • Enhanced reporting on cloud usage/costs, and scheduling of resources for power management from an easy to use interface
  • Automated project setup at the time of provisioning environments, so your DevOps cloud environments and tools are configured by a press of a button, saving an additional 50-60% of a developer’s time
  • Insights on machine state, machine scheduling, deviation from expected usage, detailed and total subscription cost
  • Audit function to make sure no one changes the environment on the fly
  • Pay-per-use tools and agreements, and role-based access
  • Templates created and maintained as per requirements, freeing your DevOps team to focus on building software, not on configuring environments 
  • Scale up/down and management of IaaS services
  • Price comparison across different public cloud service providers.

OneShare Accelerator for Test 

The ability to compete is often tied to the ability to build innovative, high quality applications, and confidently deliver them to market – fast. We use the power of Micro Focus test tooling and managed services to make this happen with our OneShare rich cloud platform giving you a fast, and flexible test environment.

With OneShare you can:

  • Easily manage and duplicate complex test environments
  • Compress test automation cycles, thus scaling up the efficiency
  • Gain real-time insights into data, costs, and project status
  • Raise tickets in the event of disruption to service of the listed Micro Focus tools or any Micro Focus tool-related issues.

Sogeti’s unique set of testing services ensures that OneShare for Test is optimized for your specific and unique needs:

  • Trained and certified professionals offer on-premises, remote, and international support

The Micro Focus license structure is highly dynamic. It is possible to provide licenses for short periods through a ‘pay-per-use’ model, with recommendations on licensing provided by local Sogeti services at your request.

Leading Technology Partnerships

  • Our partnership with various cloud providers, such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), IBM Cloud and Google Cloud grants us direct access to their product and development teams, exclusive resources, funding and sales assistance. 

"We have been working closely with Sogeti to build custom services and solutions that allow customers to take full advantage of the value the cloud has to bring by extending the Azure platform. With rich capabilities in place, Sogeti is well positioned to support customers in all phases of their application development, whether during the testing phase or through a broader cloud transformation."

Larry Orecklin, VP WW Specialist Sales, Microsoft 

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