Test Data Management Services

Sogeti's test data management services help clients to improve the way they create, manage, use and maintain test data.

With businesses collecting ever-increasing volumes of data relating to their day-to-day operations and customer preferences, managers are under more pressure than ever to analyse information gathered from multiple, integrated sources, interpret how it can be used and share it with different people and groups within the business.

Since this same data set is frequently shared across multiple business applications – many of which are new and complex - and is used for different purposes simultaneously, it is difficult to test live data without the danger of disrupting production systems. There are also issues regarding security, maintenance, compliance and protection of data.

As part of our TDM service, our experts will examine your current processes and apply their knowledge to help you not only improve the way you manage test data, but also test better, faster and more securely. Crucially, it helps ‘right-size’ the number and size of test environments needed, by introducing a smart solution for getting the right data available. TDM also leads to higher quality, faster and more secure testing.

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