GDPR Services

GDPR Services

The GDPR brings with it a wide-ranging culture change that can provide business benefits on the back of the need to understand all aspects of your data and the drive to improve data quality.

Whether you are beginning your journey and wondering where to start, need to remove the pain of personal and sensitive data discovery and data proliferation risks or help with an end to end program of GDPR readiness, we offer a range of services to help.


  • The GDPR will require organisations to look at their data. The results of that will likely be actions to address data quality problems such as duplicate or orphan data, or data that should no longer be held. What you could end up with is leaner and better quality data.
  • Your data analysts and data scientists can concentrate on deriving benefit from the data rather than fixing it.
  • Rationalisation will lead to reduced support needs.
  • An opportunity to re-engineer processes, be more efficient, implement greater automation.
  • Consent will require organisations to look at customer engagement. Opt-n marketing with an engaged audience is more effective.
  • Faster test environment provisioning and test completion, supporting agile methods, using the right data and accelerating time to market, with a better quality product.
  • Rationalise Security, Data and Retention policies and implement a common approach/standard.


  • Rationalisation of applications and data.
  • Removing unwanted data reduces storage cost with additional benefits on DR and backup.
  • Reduce hardware, software and support costs.
  • Improve data quality. Research shows poor-quality data costs brands on average 6-7% of annual revenue.
  • Improve Marketing ROI. Better data quality leads to better decision making, higher response rates and less wasteful marketing campaigns.
  • Data Analysts/Data Scientists can concentrate on working on qualified data, rather than spending most of their time qualifying and correcting data.
  • Reduce risk of regulatory fines.
  • Increase Sales productivity through better targeted marketing.


  • Increase customer centricity.
  • Better quality data drives more effective marketing, leading to higher take-up and opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.
  • An accurate, enriched database drives out fresh opportunities with new ways to make better and more profitable business decisions.
  • Take back control of your most valuable asset and primary source of wealth.


  • Understand your data better.
  • Improve data security.
  • Less likelihood of regulatory intervention.
  • Achieve improved and better-targeted marketing.


  • The requirement to know your data is an opportunity to audit data and improve data quality. Data should be accurate, up to date and relevant. Develop a high-value database of invested customers.
  • With better quality data comes the opportunity to unlock previously untapped, valuable information.
  • Data driven decision making. Better insight into customers, enabling timely customer interaction.
  • Predictive analytics drive innovation and the launch of new products.


  • An opportunity to regain lost trust, win back or retain consumer confidence and loyalty. A commitment to the customer.
  • A statement about your data security processes and how you value your clients’ data.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Potentially a competitive differentiator.

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