As a leader in software testing services we have developed methodologies and frameworks that enable our customers to accelerate delivery and reduce the overall costs of their IT.

Sogeti UK is most notably recognised the field of professional software testing, having created some of the most widely used industry standard testing methodologies, TMap® and TPI®.  We are also proud to have developed many other notable frameworks that enable businesses to accelerate automation, application development and migration to name just a few. Below are some examples:


TMap® (Test Management Approach) is our proven method of structured testing that is aligned with your business goals. It provides a consistent, yet flexible approach, which is suitable for a wide variety of organisations and industries and due to its success it has been selected as the standard test approach by many leading companies and institutes in Europe and the US.


TPI® (Test Process Improvement) provides a clear and objective assessment of your test processes and structure, and gives you a roadmap to deliver significant changes that will enhance your test maturity. A formal TPI Assessment provides our clients with the ability to focus on improvements that will increase the speed and quality of software production and reduce the cost of existing test activities.


PointZERO® reduces and eliminates defects at source, preventing unnecessary rework by shifting quality measures all over the application lifecycle (ALM).  With PointZERO® we have developed, and keep on perfecting, an array of measures, methods and tools, which help to manage the flow of quality deliverables through the ALM, and achieve the delivery of better business solutions at a lower total cost and a shorter lead time.


The Capgemini Automation Framework for Enterprises (CAFÉ) is our own patented automation framework solution that comes with guidelines, best practices and user guides for ease of use and maintenance. It is technology and domain independent and it provides ready-made reusable and repeatable scripts for various automation tools for both licensed and open source vendors cut across various technologies i.e., Web, Java, .NET, Siebel.

SOA Test Automation Framework

Our proprietary SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) automation framework enables us to quickly create automation test suites, and run regression tests across hundreds of services to a level of efficiency where we can even complete testing a day after development, when faced with the delivery of a really urgent service. 


SPEED™ (Sogeti Protocol for Effective and Efficient Delivery) is Sogeti’s trademarked approach to Delivery Optimisation. This framework is designed to achieve dramatic productivity gains in project and program delivery while addressing the systemic project delivery issues most IT organizations continue to struggle with. 


Rapid Engineering With Agile Rightshore® Delivery (REWARD) is our flexible, cost effective, ‘out of the box’ solution that combines agile development with an optimised distributed delivery model to provide local control and scalability. It enables businesses to reap the benefits of agile within a very short timeframe.


RADIUM (Rapid Automated Deployment, Imaging and User Migration) is our proven flexible and scalable migration framework. The solution helps our customers to plan and identify the right level of migration investment to make, taking into account all component elements of their current-state solution.

Sogeti continues to make significant investment to further develop our accelerators and frameworks, while also funding business focused research and development through our worldwide Solutions Innovation Centres and Global Centres of Excellence.

More information on our methodologies can be found by visiting our bookstore.

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