Automotive supply chain

Pursuing long-term resilience.

When evaluating the supply chain challenges of the past few years, automotive industry supply chain disruption stands out. Conventional wisdom in the industry has been challenged as companies look to navigate a new, more volatile reality. In our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, Automotive Supply Chain: Pursuing long-term resilience, we look at how automotive companies can move towards a resilient, connected, intelligent, and sustainable supply chain in this transformed landscape.

Organisations have found themselves in an environment that requires more agility and responsiveness from supply chain management in the automotive industry. While most have adjusted in this direction to remain competitive, the industry has overall struggled to cope with recent events, from the pandemic to geopolitical shocks. Several systemic challenges to efficient supply chains remain, and new ones have also emerged. These include an over-reliance on boosting inventory to manage uncertainty, faltering sustainability efforts as companies’ attention is diverted to other problems, and issues between OEMs and suppliers. 

To deal with present upheavals, automotive organisations need to re-invent their entire supply chain models to create a future of the automotive supply chain that is intelligent and data-driven.

In this report, we explore how organisations can address current challenges in addition to building resilience through relevant automotive supply chain trends such as nearshoring. We conclude with how organisations can move beyond reacting to current events and turn their supply chains into sources of competitive advantage in the future by implementing structural, cultural, and technological changes.

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