We help you get to where value is created, fast: by enabling dynamic public cloud native development, you can transform your business inside and out and create a new agile, digital culture.

Deliver more value with public cloud native apps

Many businesses struggle to keep pace with rapid IT changes – but they’re essential to remain competitive, whether it’s through existing and legacy systems, faster responses to customer needs, or lower costs.

OneNative helps you get to where value is created, fast: by enabling dynamic public cloud native development, you can transform your business inside and out and create a new agile, digital culture.

Our OneNative service gives you Cloud native development from design, to build, to run. We’re agnostic about what will work best, from Azure, to AWS to Google to new cloud service provider entrants.

That means we unlock a host of benefits with OneNative, from optimizing your operations to driving new customer experiences. It’s a platform is designed to fuel business innovation from day one via a microservices architecture.

Tried and Tested

Thanks to our tried and tested knowledge from hundreds of migrations to re-writing applications, OneNative offers pre-defined cloud native architectures to accelerate time to value. That means you can focus on getting the business functionality you want instead of on proving the technology you need.

OneNative iconPreparing For The Future

Cloud native development supports microservices and a DevOps approach, which means you can behave like a digital native business – from optimizing your operations to drive new customer experiences, to fueling business innovation.


OneNative iconCloud Native Foundations

We build cloud native foundations to save you time and costs, with the assets from our CloudBoost Library, including pre-defined tried and tested pipelines as code and cloud native logical architecture templates for microservices, PaaS and more.


OneNative iconThe DevOps Way

We’re building apps and infrastructure the DevOps way. We do this because DevOps and automation together, is the best way to get the biggest benefits from cloud.


Enexis – Power in the cloud



Client challenge

With 4,500 employees, Enexis implements, manages and maintains a substantial part of the Dutch electricity and gas grid for 2.8 million customers daily. Enexis was looking for scalable and agile IT-capacity in a public and cloud-native environment.

How we made value

  • The implementation and integration of applications within the IT operation has been simplified with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
  • Application delivery down from 6-12 weeks to just 2 days.
  • Fully automated processes will enable systems to be switched off when they are not in use making cost savings of up to 25%.

Sogeti impact

  • Our experience with large scale transformations to the public cloud and cooperation with niche partners Schuberg Philis and First Consulting created a roadmap and the transition of over 200 existing applications to a cloud-native application platform, either on IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.
  • Sogeti and Enexis won a joint sourcing award for the most revolutionary eco-system for public-private cooperation.


Better together

We leverage our industry knowledge and leadership in technology, solution development and integration to align and build upon our partners’ innovations with your specific business needs.

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