Sogeti's partnership with TestPlant allows new and existing clients the opportunity to transform their automation suites and deliver continuous quality improvements.

The eggPlant range of tools can handle all kinds of testing, from functional, to performance and load testing, and even network emulation. eggPlant use improves and reports on the quality and responsiveness of software systems, reduces time to market and lowers costs by introducing process automation. The tools are especially relevant in agile, mobile, web, and DevOps deployments.

The eggPlant range of test automation tools will help you to:

  • Test the user’s experience with image-based testing through the UI
  • Test any device 
  • Test from any operating system
  • Test multiple devices with the same test script
  • Get up and running quickly with SenseTalk, a proprietary scripting language
  • Test many languages, including Chinese, Russian, and Japanese
  • Load and performance test from the user’s perspective 
  • Integrate with popular ALM tools for end-to-end QA automation 

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