Black Duck Software

Black Duck Software

Sogeti’s partnership with Black Duck® Software enables our clients to mitigate risk exposure from open source application development.

Open Source Software (OSS) is an essential element in today’s application development environment because it lowers costs, frees internal developers to work on higher-level tasks, and accelerates time to market. However, organisations need to take proactive measures to protect their applications from security breaches, legal non-compliance, and operational uncertainties.

Together, Sogeti and Black Duck offer a comprehensive Open Source Software Analysis service as a solution to the growing challenge of effective OSS management and risk mitigation. It provides our customers with the visibility and control needed to find and remediate open source vulnerabilities and risks.

Black Duck’s KnowledgeBase is the most comprehensive open source database in the world, tracking 1.5 million projects and 350 billion lines of code. This Knowledgebase, combined with our 2,500 security consultant’s worldwide, offers a wealth of expertise. Their deep know-how in security is complemented by our investment in Research & Development teams in Europe, our IT Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF) and dedicated Security Operations Centers (SOCs).  Our combined strengths will keep your organisation ahead of current and emerging cyber threats in a rapidly changing business and information technology landscape.

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