Digital Evaluation Service

Sogeti's Digital Evaluation Service provides the foundation and guidance you need to ensure that DevOps is working to your company’s advantage, helping you to create a Digitally Assured future.

DevOps continues to be one of the hottest topics on the agenda, and yet many organisations are struggling to move quickly, innovate and scale in this area. 

A successful DevOps approach is not about having the best change management or IT automation toolset. It’s about people and process. IT silos still exist and we need to find a way to soften the edges of those silos so that DevOps can work to your company’s advantage.

Our Digital Evaluation Service is designed to do exactly this. It provides an insight into an organisations ability to transform into a more digital and agile business. The discovery process that we undertake enables us to review your strategy, understand whether you have what you need to achieve it, and demonstrate how you can focus on high value activities.

Once the discovery phase is complete, we run a full day workshop to reveal our analysis. With our support and guidance we playback the results and we discuss the possibilities that can be realised to enable change. 

The Digital Evaluation Service provides honest review, and a mechanism to create buy-in and deliver change across the enterprise. The output, many of our clients are looking for goes beyond the initial roadmap that will help you to meet your goals. It can extend to deliver a proof of concept where we can review tools, set up your environment, and enable you to fast track a minimum viable solution. 

Our aim is to help you to establish a win-win using DevOps, where both IT and the business are pleased with outcomes and the process, and give you the necessary mindshare to expand the program. We know that with an enthusiastic team, a measure of flexibility and a patient respect for process, DevOps can be successful in any organisation.

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