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I could have saved a million quid!

“I wish we had your skills and the knowledge around these tools 12 months ago, I could have saved over a million in delivery costs”.

This is part of some very positive feedback from a recent project we delivered. This was a test data management project and this feedback was around savings that could have been made for GDPR compliance leading up to May last year.

For us, this was a new project for a new client and a shame the previous opportunity had not come to light 12-18 months ago… for both of us I guess.

So, what did we do?

The simple answer is:

  • reduce test data provisioning time by 99% by replacing manual tasks with automation
  • increased test data quality from around 50% to 95% along with improving coverage.

What techniques were we using:

  • We made full use of tools the client already had on site.
  • The data discovery process/ability we demonstrated was where the client could have made savings in GDPR.
  • We reused analysis from the GDPR work to help us with data rules.
  • We automated wherever possible.
  • We provided the functionality to reuse test cases but with different personal data each time.
  • We provided the functionality to re-engineer test cases back into the ‘golden set’.
  • We even came up with a user self-service solution to enable testers to search for and select their test cases and migrate them to the appropriate environment.

Please, if any of this sounds of interest to you, have a chat with us now rather than in 12-18 months!

  • GDPR compliance
  • Test Data Management
  • Data Security

If the solution is of interest to you, we would love to show you round the Sogeti Studio in London where we can demonstrate these and other capabilities around testing, QA and automation in under an hour.

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