Our TPI model provides an insight into your testing maturity, industry benchmarking and a roadmap to more efficient testing to drive business success.

Sogeti's Test Process Improvement (TPI) methodology has been instrumental in helping many organisations improve their overall test processes, an essential initiative to ensuring the quality of information systems and critical business processes. Providing Insight into the maturity of the test process, TPI has offered logical and practical steps to enchance test efficiency and effectiveness, and moreover to instill a belief in achieving a permanent improvement cycle. 

As we work closer to fully understand our customers, this allows us to take their business drivers as a starting point. As IT strategy is now much more overtly aligned to business strategy. This alignment therefore filters down to individuals and processes, so enchancing the test process must be considered in this context. 

We are convinced that our business-driven approach will not only help your organisation improve the quality of its software testing and therefore its overall IT development process, but also at a pace that enables you to stay at the forefront of an competitive in your market.


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