Sogeti's Test Management Approach TMap® is designed to address the key issues of quality, time and cost - across the whole development lifecycle of solution delivery.


This new testing methodology embodies a shift from a traditional fixed formula to an innovative building-block approach. The new TMap® HD is fully aligned with current trends such as Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, the Internet of Things and software development using the Agile/Scrum methodologies.


An interactive model

Flexible by design, TMap® offers a comprehensive and consistent approach to project and program test management, execution and quality assurance, suitable for all types and sizes of organisations. It is an adaptive method suitable for all test situations in most development environments, such as new development, maintenance, waterfall/iterative/agile development, customised or packaged software.

With over 30 years experience and methodology development - TMap® Next was launched in 2006 - Sogeti provides genuine assurance across testing projects. This means that by implementing a defined structured framework to the end-to-end test process, defects are identified earlier, timelines reduced by at least 30% and overall costs driven down.

This integrated approach across the overall delivery lifecycle helps to ensure that testing services are optimised, business expectations are met and, by working with the client’s delivery team, that knowledge is transferred.

Our TMap Services

Our services include:

  • Implementation of best-practice risk-based and business-driven test execution over the lifecycle of a program, project or system module/application
  • Testing end-to-end solutions - specifying and executing tests
  • Testing discrete elements of the delivery lifecycle such as integration, system and user acceptance testing
  • Testing of specialist aspects of solutions production particularly automation, load, performance, security, embedded systems testing
  • Integration with requirements lifecycle management.

Key Benefits

Key client benefits of the Sogeti risk-based approach to project and program testing include:

  • A structured but flexible test process ensures a consistent focus on meaningful and essential client-specific metrics and a deeper understanding of associated risks
  • The detection of defects moves back down the total development lifecycle; early defect identification and quality management ensure that overall quality targets are met or exceeded
  • A shorter testing period on the critical path of the total development cycle helps business meet its time-to-market timescales and reduce costs
  • A repeatable and reliable test process means that time is saved next time round, and the time after that
  • Consistency, standardization and knowledge transfer means a common language for all involved – business, technical, supplier partners – helping to embed testing knowledge in the organization.

Our clients are drawn from nearly every industry, particularly financial institutions, government departments, telecoms, hi-tech manufacturing, aviation and automotive sectors.

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TMap Lifecycle App

Sogeti’s TMap® – the world leading methodology for structured risk-based software testing – is also available as an app. Download on App StoreGoogle Play and Windows Marketplace.