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Collaboration Platform/Intranet

The SMART Workspace Collaboration Platform is a smart, cost-efficient and flexible solution for a future-oriented digital working environment supporting your company’s greatest assets, your employees.

The Collaboration Platform brings together applications, information and communication in an intuitive, personally customizable end-user environment.

End users don’t have to look for information but have direct access to their most important documents, tasks and appointments. The environment is fully personalized and, thanks to intuitive user navigation, staff members can quickly work (together) on any device, at any time and in any place.

We can help you configure a compelling digital workplace based on Office 365 and SharePoint without any coding, in record time.​ Optimize the latest Office 365 features to provide a modern team experience and connect seamlessly to any third party business solution.


  • Speed - Deploy your digital workplace in less than one month with the Powell Manager designer. And for end users in one click, find all your information, applications, and Office 365 features in one place
  • Personalized - Design your Office 365 intranet the way you want. Powell 365 adapts to your company brand.
  • Collaboration and productivity- Bring your collaborative intranet to life with the latest Microsoft Office 365 features and Powell 365 innovations. Manage your projects from any device with a fully responsive mobile experience from anywhere, anytime on any device. And with social channels built in you can stay ahead of breaking news to improve employee social influence and participation.

SMART Workspace Brochure
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