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Business Application Portal

Make accessing existing and new applications easy. All company applications can be accessed from a single portal and can be used on different devices. Users can add personal, favorite applications or web URLs to the application portal.

The Business Application portal recognizes the context in which a user accesses the portal and adapts. Users can access and start applications via Single Sign On, if necessary supplemented by additional security measures (for example, two-factor authentication).

By making applications available via a portal, it is easy to pick up where you previously left off, regardless of device. As your company grows and uses more applications, they are easily added to the portal via a store selection process.


  • Simplicity -  Support for multiple device platform and new functionality for existing apps
  • Accelerated time to market – Rollout new applications faster improving cost efficiency and productivity with an automated review and approval process to approve and deploy applications.
  • Improved adoption -  With applications being easily accessible and personalized for job functions, adoption and usage of applications will be higher.
  • Manage Application Licenses – Track and manage the number of licenses people are using for your business applications.
  • Allow Disconnected Application usage – Allows some applications to be installed on the device for use when the device is not connected to the cloud.  

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