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Sogeti launches a new way of software testing with TMap® HD

IT consultancy Sogeti, introduces TMap® Human Driven, using pick-and-choose building blocks to simplify software testing across the world. This new approach to software testing is both presented as a book and as an online community portal.

Paris, France/Vianen, Netherlands, October 28 – Since 1995 TMap® has set the global standard for effective software testing. Eight years after introducing TMap®NEXT, the updated version of the world-renowned methodology for testing, Sogeti is yet again launching a new way of testing software; “TMap® Human Driven (TMap® HD*). This new testing methodology embodies a shift from a traditional fixed formula to an innovative building-block approach. The new TMap® HD is fully aligned with current trends such as Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, the Internet of Things and software development using the Agile/Scrum methodologies. Sogeti’s building-block approach for structured testing, assuring a high quality in IT applications, is based on four main elements: simplifying the work, industrializing and standardizing the day-to-day processes, working closely with software end-users, and securing the right people, with the right mindset, to make the applications a success.

“Previously IT was mainly used to make us more efficient at work. Nowadays technology has fully become a part of our society and our lives. We do our monetary transactions through an app, shop on the internet, and access public and healthcare digital services when needed. Today, all organizations and companies need to respond to citizen and customer demands rapidly and efficiently, through a multi-channel and multi-device approach”, stated Marco van den Brink, Director of Testing & Quality Assurance at Sogeti, and continues:

“This evolution has a major impact on the way software is developed and tested nowadays. The formula which involved carrying out a number of fixed steps when creating new applications is no longer enough. The new TMap® HD provides a set of building blocks helping to address that change. Depending on the purpose and use of the software, the appropriate building blocks are applied to ensure quality and the most effective testing approach. This can differ from project to project, but also per project team.”

Applying the four elements
With the new TMap® HD, IT professionals gain more latitude to determine the best testing approach, using a number of building blocks based on these four elements: simplifying, integrating, industrializing and manning testing teams and project with the right people.

Simplifying could concretely mean dividing and carrying out testing in the smallest possible units, removing steps from planning or processes which add little or no value. Integrating means that testing is no longer isolated, but becomes an integral part of the entire software development process. Separate test planning will therefore no longer be necessary and test documentation is incorporated into the process of designing, building and developing applications. Industrialization applies to the entire process. Thus a variety of tools are deployed to fully automate test design, planning and execution. The industrialization creates room for tailor-made work or so to say “intelligence work” as part of the work has been industrialized.

The final result is confidence, and a certainty that the right software is delivered based on the purpose and value for the organization and the user.

TMap® HD dedicated book and website
The new TMap® HD is being launched in the form of both a book and a website. Where previously the TMap® book was a description of steps, Sogeti now offers an innovative novel-based story that many professional testers and Quality Assurance-focused managers can relate to. The book entitled “Neil’s Quest for Quality” describes the story of an organization wrestling with securing software quality. There are complex projects in which deadlines and budgets are constantly exceeded. The company in the book introduces an advanced testing and development approach, putting the delivery of quality at the core, and where applications are delivered faster and at lower costs. The book describes how the four elements of TMap® HD are applied in concrete terms.

In addition, a new website, dedicated to TMap® HD, will serve as a community platform on which IT professionals can share knowledge actively, to advance development in the testing field.

“Neil’s Quest for Quality” and all other publications from Sogeti experts can be found in the Sogeti online bookstore in both a soft cover and an ePub version.

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