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Managed Testing Services: Mobile Communications

End-to-end outsourced testing provides full visibility of costs, improved delivery, coordinated test environments, and continuity.


In order to achieve better cost management, improve services delivery, and access test expertise, the client decided to outsource software testing. 


A core group of 25 Sogeti testers were deployed with up to another 50+ available if needed. The preliminary focus was on improving the testing processes, using Sogeti’s TPI® framework, and then implementing a more structured approach using Sogeti’s structured methodology for testing, TMap®. With a dynamic plan in place, process improvement is guaranteed an initial 25% cost reduction, and further cost savings thereafter.


Some tangible benfits include: process industrialization and effective resource planning have resulted in a reduction of test costs in the range of 35 - 42%. Costs are fixed (with all testing staff charged at the same hourly rate), so they are fully predictable, and can therefore be fully capitalized. Automation has also made further cost savings.

Both parties see this as not just a typical customer-supplier relationship, moreover a partnership centered on the client’s business objectives. In contrast with the factory bodyshop arrangement, this is a Managed Testing Servivce, with an emphasis on continual process improvement, resource stability and operational efficiency, underpinned by a local interface between the client and Sogeti.


"Sogeti has delivered high quality testing and made it more efficient at the same time. The average cost of testing has dropped more than 30% since the start of the contract. We particularly like the informal part of our collaboration too. If issues occur, we come together and try to resolve issues before escalation. In our yearly rating of suppliers, Sogeti has been at the top of the list the last two years.”

Manager, Test Strategy & Implementation 

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