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One of the world’s leading international law firms underwent a complete rebrand and was looking to change its website as part of this transformation. The new website CMS needed deep testing coverage to ensure the content on the website could be easily maintained. However, due to limited internal testing resources and access to mobile devices, the firm turned to Sogeti to ensure the new website was a success.


The test configurations required by our client were easily met, with all the necessary tests being run in our own UK-based web and mobile test lab, Sogeti Studio. Numerous tests were performed in terms of device and browser regression testing to ensure the project was a success and went live without a hitch. It was noted that due to our team doing such efficient manual testing, the Kansas development team thought the tests had in fact been automated.


A big selling point for the client was down to the advantage of our Sogeti Studio being located in London. This allowed for the project manager and team to meet regularly to exchange thoughts and ideas.

In this industry, accuracy is paramount to maintain an outstanding reputation. The new website has given the client peace of mind that visitors can find the correct information and the support they need within a simple, user friendly experience. In addition, the new content and responsive design promotes a strong digital presence and reinforces their online footprint.


“I am pleased that the Sogeti team have completed testing our site on the various platforms we discussed - and a day early too which is brilliant!”

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