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Managed Testing Services partnership leads to cost savings of 15% and significant improvements in quality.


With the client choosing to move towards increased business process outsourcing and building a central IT organisation, they engaged Sogeti on a multi-year contract.


With Sogeti’s unique Managed testing Services (MTS) framework, tailored to each client’s specific requirements, we were able to deliver high quality testing and substantial cost reductions while still ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.


Some of the significant improvements seen include: structural savings of 15% - demonstrated by the client’s own KPIs and a reduction in overall IT development costs, 50% of the testing work is now carried out offshore, and there has been a dynamic improvement of test operations with greater control and a shorter time-to-market. This client has worked with Sogeti for many years now and contines to see sustained improvement and innovation across the extensive range of testing activities.


"Sogeti, as our strategic QA and Testing partner, has over the years helped us to achieve all those goals through the test centres in Europe and India. By applying the right metrics, we have been able to improve not only the quality of the delivered software but also the efficiency of our software delivery processes – both very important in the competitive telco markets."

IT Manager, Consumer Markets

"The test partnership with Sogeti offers us the opportunity to meet our test objectives, improve quality, flexibility and lower costs for testing. By offshoring an important part of the testing activities, we have identified and realised substantial savings."

Manager, Test Execution

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