Today more than ever, IoT is at the heart of IT strategy

Today More than Ever, IoT is at the Heart of IT Strategy

Let’s discuss the multitude of ‘things and services ‘being connected and how can you take practical steps to leverage your IoT investments.

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From harnessing insights from data on everything from customer behaviour to operational efficiency? How do you ensure the network and personal data is secure? And with often multiple technologies and devices involved how can you scale quickly without impacting digital assurance?

Unlocking the potential of blood

Worldwide over 100 million people donate blood each year. You may have thought when you donate blood it’s quite a simple process. Think again. Hear how Terumo is applying IoT to the multiple and often complex touch-points across the management of the blood lifecycle. If IoT is an area you are investing in, then watch Michiel Boreel, Group CTO, Sogeti and our guest Dr. Chockalingam Palaniappan (Palani), PhD, Executive VP of Innovation and Development at Terumo present their latest thoughts on the current IoT challenges and latest trends.

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