Braining: Playing Games with Your Brain

Braining: Playing Games with Your Brain

You never know where this is heading, so I thought of coining a new word: braining. Playing games in a virtual world with using only your brain as an instrument.

 Written by Menno van Doorn.

As computer-brain interfaces are starting to get off, we’ll need new words to describe the new media usage. Neurable is one of the new companies, that explores this new field. They’ve just launched the world’s first brain controlled VR game. The small game is expected to form part of a larger one, that is set to be launched for the growing VR arcade scene in 2018.

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The New Game

“In the game, you’re a child, you wake up inside a cell, and you’re trying to escape a government lab,” explains Neurable CEO, Ramses Alcaide. “You actively pick up objects with your mind, you stop lasers with your mind, you turn a robot dog into a balloon animal. It’s a completely hands-free experience, you don’t use any controllers.”

Etymology of the Brain

If these things start to become more popular, we’re uncovering a new brain activity -ing. Maybe there are better words than braining. Like in this game you’re moving objects with your brain in a virtual space. For doing things with your physical body it is obvious. You are walking, eating, or you might be lifting something. Do you have a better idea? Better word(s)?

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