Unlocking the Future with AI

We are combining our market leading capabilities in Digital Assurance and Testing with our rich Analytics and Cognitive Services to accompany our clients on their journey towards Future-proof QA. Currently in the pipeline is a solution involving Artificial Intelligence (AI), where reduced effort and length of testing time is the focus. We are creating technology that ‘knows’ what, where and when to test. This will also be used to analyse data, and to understand and predict trends. Over quality will be vastly improved by stopping defects being introduced.

‘’Sogeti’s positioning of QA Cognitive is interesting. Agile and DevOps is bringing back disruption and software tool fragmentation into the SDLC after years of investment by enterprises in IBM and HPE/Micro Focus’ suites of testing products to reduce that fragmentation. With many enterprises still looking to become more Agile-centric, we may be on the verge of a data testing disruption that will reduce visibility into testing activities. And this is where Sogeti’s data audit function comes into play.’’ Dominique Raviart, NelsonHall (the industry's leading BPO analyst firm)

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