GDPR Kick Start

We can help you to fast track your compliance to the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure your organisation is protected against the risk of using live production data in test environments.

The GDPR is set to have wide-ranging implications for the type of data which can be used in non-production environments. Organisations need to understand exactly what data they have and who’s using it, and must be able to restrict its use to tasks for which consent has been given.

Our kick start offering provides an initial discovery workshop and systems review, which will give you an inventory of where you have GDPR data (personal data) stored across your application landscape. We will also identify which processes require personal data management and which tools can help you to adapt to the new regulation. 

Fast forward

In close collaboration, we will make you aware of the different parts of the legislation and what measures are needed to comply. The work is divided into 3 steps:

» Workshop

An initial workshop, will identify systems, databases and processes where you are managing personal data. We also analyse your current state and maturity of IT Security.

» Discovery

We perform automatic searches across databases and file servers in order to find GDPR data.

» Presentation and Roadmap

We present the results from the workshop and discovery phases and recommend concrete measures and improvements that should be carried out.

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