Test Assurance Services

Test Assurance Services

Sogeti's test assurance services provide an independent and objective audit of your testing suppliers so that you can be sure testing is being carried out as effectively as possible.

As an increasing number of IT projects become fully outsourced to suppliers, customers often lack the in-house testing skills and relevant experience to assess the status and effectiveness of their testing activities. Our Test Assurance services can provide you with an in-depth independent assessment of your third party suppliers testing activity based on industry standards and best practices. 

Test Assurance should be considered: when an organisation has outsourced IT projects to one or more third party suppliers or when there are multiple suppliers delivering on a programme; when User Acceptance Testing (UAT) cycles have identified defects or issues that should have been trapped by upstream supplier side testing activities; when the complexity and scale of the project is too great to have UAT as the only client side test activity; or when the supplier delivering the project has a history of delivering a high number of defects into UAT. 

Sogeti’s Test Assurance teams work with you and your suppliers to help you to achieve project success. Our industry standard TPI® and TMap® methodologies support a clear and objective assessment of your suppliers’ testing activity and offer practical recommendations for continuous improvement. 

This service ensures that your system that is ‘fit for purpose’, with a reduced number of defects in UAT and increased visibility and insight on supplier side testing activities, leading to improved supplier relationships, and lower modification and enhancement costs. Suppliers benefit as their systems should be accepted more quickly, leading to faster milestone payments, and trusted relationships.

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