Infrastructure Optimisation

Sogeti’s infrastructure optimisation services offer structured processes to assess your infrastructure to deliver a more dynamic, productive, and profitable working environment. 

Our services will help you derive maximum efficiency from your Microsoft-based IT estate including Azure, Windows, Office and SQL. Evaluating existing infrastructure against the needs of your business, we’ll highlight capability and under utilisation gaps as well as identifying compliance issues you may not be aware of, helping you to:

  • Utilise existing infrastructure to create the optimal business IT environment
  • Provision migration of applications between Microsoft Azure and on-premise servers to offer security and mobility in equal measure
  • Consolidate applications and maximise utilisation for greater business productivity at reduced cost

You’ll be left with a plan to create and manage a sustainable, flexible infrastructure environment that enables you to make the best use of your Microsoft technology. It will also allow you to take advantage of BYOD, private, hybrid and public Cloud, and real-time BI.

Through Sogeti’s optimisation services, your organisation can experience an IT infrastructure that not only delivers efficiency, but provides the functionality necessary to achieve your business goals.

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