GDPR Kick Start

GDPR Assessment

We can help you to fast track your compliance to the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure your organisation is protected against the risk of processing personal data.

Our two-week GDPR assessment provides an analysis and recommendations on planning, governance, process, culture, data and technology.

The assessment is performed by specialists who collect and analyse materials, interview key persons responsible for these areas in the light of GDPR and check IT systems for personal data.

The assessment is based on standardised methodology, such as ISO, ISF, CSA, and C2M2. The result is a list of categorised findings, conclusions and actionable recommendations with the aim of helping you know where to start when preparing for the GDPR. 

This Assessment Reviews:

  • Territorial Scope: assess whether all or part of your organisation falls within the scope of the GDPR
  • Individual Rights: review and assess your internal processes to determine whether they meet the requirements of individuals’ rights (e.g., providing consent, how to grant access to data)
  • Data Breach Notification Requirements: review and assess your organisation’s readiness with respect to the new GDPR rules regarding data breach notification to Supervisory Authorities and individuals
  • Record Keeping: review and assess your organisation’s current databases, records, and archives to see what is in place and what is missing to meet the new records requirements
  • Data Protection Officer (“DPO”): assess the need for your organisation to have a DPO and review the current position of a DPO (if any) to evaluate what organizational changes are needed
  • Consent and Notice: review customer-facing materials to comply with new consent and transparency requirements (and if applicable, in particular with respect to data analytics, profiling, free services and digital offerings to children)
  • Third Party Agreements: review and update agreements and templates with your organisation’s data processors (suppliers, partners, etc.)

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