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SMART WorkSpace Advisory Services

Business Assessment to formulate your Connected Workforce Strategy.

Sogeti WorkSpace Advisory Services can quickly help an organization understand and plan, their path forward to Windows 10 deployment. Understanding the security, mobility, and, compatibility of your devices and applications is essential for any organization looking to, benefit from the enhanced reliability and security delivered by Windows 10 “Windows as a, Service” updates.

Introducing Sogeti WorkSpace Advisory Services

Sogeti WorkSpace Advisory Services is a fixed scope service that helps explain the value Windows 10 can bring to your organization users, identify scenarios and systems to upgrade, and develop a customized deployment plan.

Sogeti consultants perform an environmental analysis, as well as the alignment of the Windows 10 deployment plan to your business priorities. The deployment plan highlights Windows 10 enterprise platform features as well as the and enabling features in Intel 7th Generation Core i5 and i7 based devices that may be especially beneficial to your business.

Sogeti can help you simplify and streamline the variety and complexity of device and mobility needs into a standardized, extensible and secure workspace. By utilizing Sogeti’s WorkSpace Advisory Services, you can clarify your organizational needs, improve the quality and consistency in your operational workspace, reduce planning time and accelerate implementation.

Sogeti WorkSpace Advisory Service can accelerate your Windows 10 implementation

Designed for the way you live and work

  • Easy for existing Windows 7 users to use; Windows 10 respects the connection users have with their devices and their desire for a familiar experience.
  • If we've worked together in the past we've gained knowledge of your environment. This expertise can aid with your evaluation and planning.

Protection from modern security threats

  • Windows 10 provides: identity, threat and malware protection features built-in; protection that follows data wherever it resides; two-factor authentication that's easy to use and manage.
  • Hardware Security features in Intel 7th generation devices enable Windows 10 Security enhancements.

Management for continuous innovation

  • Includes in-place upgrades that can make device wipe-and-reload scenarios obsolete.
  • Sogeti SMART WorkSpace as a Service managed services for Windows 10 reduces management burden on an organization and enables continuous innovation.


Benefits of WorkSpace Advisory Services

decreaseDecrease time to value
Readily available solutions from Microsoft Services help to accelerate your Windows 10 deployment.

increaseIncrease user adoption
Your people can transition to the Windows 10 platform, embracing change efficiently and smoothly.

lowerLower total cost of ownership
Access mass computing power without the overhead of building up and maintaining an on-premises infrastructure.

fasterFaster business transformation
Benefit from Microsoft Services unparalleled experience in the Microsoft ecosystem and put your investment to work for you sooner.


Key deliverables:

Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness assessment utilizing telemetry-based analyses of systems to aid in planning and modernization.

A deployment acceleration plan that identifies both systems ready to upgrade and those requiring additional attention.

A business estimate to help you plan, design, and perform the upgrade of one or more specified systems, including infrastructure.


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About Sogeti WorkSpace Advisory Services for Windows 10

A 10-day, fixed scope service

Helps your organization understand the value of Windows 10 to your enterprise

Helps explain the value of hardware enhancements in Intel 7th Generation based devices to your enterprise

Identifies scenarios and systems to upgrade, with attention to user roles and device life spans

Identifies business and productivity applications to upgrade or modernize

Helps customize your Windows 10 deployment plan

Analyzes and evaluates assessment data acquired to make deployment planning recommendations

Uses organizational information to develop a projection of potential business value for Windows 10 and new devices

Promotes a flexible approach that supports the strategies and implementation practices of your organization

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