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Windows 10 & Office 365

Choosing the right OS and business suite is critical to enabling a SMART Workspace. Get it right, and you can satisfy your workforce’s desire to work wherever and whenever they want by offering a consistent platform of tools and user interfaces.

Integrate Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Office 365 with a subscription plan, and we can advise you about combining Office 365 with Microsoft collaboration platforms such as Yammer, Skype for Business, Groups, Teams, or even 3rd party collaboration tools like Slack and Discourse to help you determine which ones you need and how to best use them.

Establish a secure company portal for sharing corporate information and finding and organizing information. We can also provide secure data storage in the cloud. We can also manage your subscriptions on various platforms giving you one seamless service.

We can migrate your existing devices to Windows 10 and test your existing applications for Windows 10 support and provide a migration plan for the transition. We have managed the migration of more than five million Windows devices to Windows 10 already and counting. We manage your Windows 10 environment so that as new updates and versions are released, your organization is always current.


Productivity- unlock the potential of Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 deployment. We can help  you optimize these integrated products to give you the access to the latest Microsoft business software such as Outlook, Word, Skype for Business, and Teams coupled with enterprise grade device management and security tools powered by Windows 10.  

Be secure- With over 300,000 pieces of malicious software released every day and the EU GDPR regulation coming in to play in May 2018, its vital that your business data is protected and remains secure and uncompromised. Security features, updates and enhancements are constantly evolving and changing, we will help your organization understand identify and implement the Windows 10 security features required compliance with your country regulations.

Payback – With our fast track deployment approach we can increase the speed of adoption while ensuring  you maximise the return on your investment by driving greater adoption of your hardware and software investments


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