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Managed Workspace

We can provide managed services for your SMART Workspace environment from our Service Center with a team of highly trained specialists.

We work closely with partners like Microsoft, Intel and IBM to make sure our specialists are thoroughly familiar with products and features you have selected for your SMART Workspace.

We can also manage business applications, business application portal and supporting infrastructure. Service Center staff members can offer a service desk using a language of your choosing. Your end users will also have access to a self-service portal, for example, to request functionalities from an app store, resolve minor incidents (e.g. resetting their password) and track the status of service desk reports in real-time.

Our Managed Workspace provisions, delivers and manages your environment reliably and predictably, with a high degree of automation. It’s easily scalable, manageable and most update and management processes occur outside business hours to generate a minimum no interference with user data or system availability.


Reduced cost - Using SMART Workspace managed service, your organization’s IT-related costs are significantly reduced using a pay-per-use payment model. You don’t have to make any hardware and software investments; you only pay per use, based on the number of users.

Grow as you grow- Managed SMART Workspace is a standard solution easily and quickly tailored to your organizational needs.

Secure- Managed SMART Workspace is a secure “context aware” solution- available on new “modern” devices. It provides conditional access and provides an always security focused environment that complies with NEN-ISO standards. Sogeti works closely with Microsoft and Intel on new security updates and features to help your organization enhance your endpoint security with the latest Windows 10 and Intel 8th generation Core processor hardware security features. 


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