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Cloud Based Testing and Development Services

Sogeti's range of cloud based services can help you to maximise and accelerate its true potential.

It’s time to rethink how you deliver applications. Our cloud development and testing services are delivered through OneShare, a highly unique portal that combines the power of Azure, with access to on-demand tools and resources. New environments can be fired up quickly, giving you access to the latest test and development tools, such as Visual Studio IDE and HP IT Management SaaS software.

Sogeti’s OneShare helps simplify your application delivery by providing a rich cloud platform and toolset that will help you manage existing resources in a systematic way. It delivers a fast, flexible and continuous application environment on top of Microsoft Azure. Customers can load, test and manage their environments. Users can copy and deploy test infrastructures or move applications into production in one click of a button.

Whether you are focused on a traditional test environment, moving to an application lifecycle management approach, or implementing a modern DevOps approach, Sogeti can help thanks to our range of cloud based services. By moving your development and operations to the cloud, you will be prepared to embrace new tools, practices and processes.

Watch the OneShare video here:

In addition, we offer test data services and test environment management services that enable our clients to test representative data, without the danger of disrupting production systems, within validated, stable and usable test environments; cloned or virtualised in the Cloud.

Sogeti can also help you to upgrade to the latest test tools as quickly, painlessly and cost-effectively as possible, thanks to preferential rates with many of the leading technology providers and their Software as a Service offering.

We are an industry leader in application development and lifecycle services, and we have won numerous Microsoft awards including Windows Azure SI Partner, Global Alliance Partner, and Enterprise Partner of the Year, among others. By combining our innovative Microsoft solutions with our other excellent services, like our cloud based testing services, we can help you realise the full potential of the cloud.

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