Agile Testing & DevOps Discussion

Is a centralised QA function still needed with Agile and DevOps?

kalendar Wednesday, September 9, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
kalendar Online panel discussion


In recent years, thoughts on the best approach for QA/Test Management have changed from a decentralised model to one that is centralised. Most organisations are moving to Agile and Dev-Ops as the time to market expectations are becoming shorter, but we recognise that the promised test automation benefits are still not always being delivered. So should we now be heading back to a decentralised approach?

Taking on board a combination of what history has taught us, insights from the 2020 Continuous Testing Report and Sogeti’s experience in the market, Ian and Folu will explore the answer to the following question ‘Should I have a centralised QA function?’ and provide their view on how organisations should organise their QA function to maximise the business value and efficiency within the delivery lifecycle.


Folu Komolafe

Management Consultant, Sogeti
Ian Wallace

Solutions Director, Sogeti

Additional Panel Members:

Barry Weston

Head of Digital Assurance and
Quality Engineering Practice,
Marco Venzelaar

Managing Consultant and
Lead Technologist, Sogeti


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