Webinar: Creating the Digital Enterprise

Digital adoption across all industries enables new opportunities to delight customers and make operations reach unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Thursday 8th December 2016, 15:00 - 16:00 GMT

Many companies are asking: “What does a digital version of our organisation look like?”, and the answer may even have impact on core business models.

Creating the Digital Enterprise is a transformative journey which allows companies to get closer to customers, within a true Omni channel context, and gain a better understanding of preferences and expectations. It’s a journey where real-time analytics enhance both the organisation’s strategic thinking and immediate actions. Innovation-readiness embraces new accelerators such as Internet-of-Things, machine learning, and virtual reality, in an open and collaborative spirit. To arrive safely at your destination, digital assurance has to be embedded into development processes using a high degree of automation, in order to enable both quality and speed.

So what does this journey look like?

Join Andreas Sjöström, digital strategist and a true innovator, and one of Sogeti’s leading experts to discuss the topic of “Creating the Digital Enterprise”. On this webinar Andreas will share his personal experiences of helping organisations to achieve their digital goals.

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