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Technology consultancy Sogeti’s global trend lab VINT launches its first report in four-part series on “Internet of Things” displaying the impact of the rapidly increasing number of objects being connected to the internet.

Paris, France, November/Diemen, Netherlands, 12, 2013

– Sogeti’s global trend lab VINT, continues to share insights around the opportunities made possible by new technology and is now launching its first of four reports on the strong new trend “Internet of Things”.

Connecting people and devices to the internet will turn the consumer and business world on its head. “Things – Internet of Business Opportunities”, the first VINT Internet of Things report focuses on the impact of this technology development on companies and their opportunities. IT will be in everything. The greatest effect of the Internet of Things will be a huge reduction in waste.

50 billion objects will be connected to the internet by 2020, according to many futurologists. 2013 is the breakthrough year for the Internet of Things, a promise that has been around since 1999. Each person and device might get a transmitter and a receiver so that anything can communicate with anything through the web. The Internet of Things will drastically reduce waste in everything: time, attention, energy, money, and machines. Waste that all stakeholders in our economy deal with.

“The prospects look healthier than in 1999, the time of the first hype around the Internet of Things. The fast adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) is revolutionizing our information society and prepared us more than ever for the breakthrough of intelligent things,” said Menno van Doorn, Director of VINT and co-author of the report.

He continues: “SMAC, in combination with Things, will unleash a wave of innovation, exceeding everything that has been created before. Production processes can now be fully digitalized and the maintenance of machines will become much more efficient. Management of millions of things connected to the internet will generate countless new insights. Corporations will act entirely on the basis of these new insights which will become available through real-time data analytics.”

Five Internet of Things recommendations
This first report, “Things – Internet of Business Opportunities”, focuses on the openings for new business models and cross sector opportunities. The traditional industry and the IT sector will fully converge due to these new cyber-physical systems. The impact of connected smart devices and the creation of new functions and services have seen many different estimates over the past 18 months, ranging from 2,700 and 6,200 billion dollars to even 14,400 billion. These estimates mean that this development is related to the whole economy. VINT sees this identification of opportunities in corporate processes and an active response as a key task for the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Potential complications such as inadequate data analyses are also discussed in the report. Finally, VINT formulates five strategic recommendations for the business market. For example, according to one of the recommendations, the “blue ocean strategy”, which favors the creation of new markets and opportunities rather than waiting around, as a good recipe for innovation.

Four-part series of reports on the Internet of Things
“Things – Internet of Business Opportunities” is the first report in a series of four that VINT will launch within the next year on this trendy topic. The second, due to appear at the start of 2014, explores the effects of technology on the human body, i.e. how sensory perception can be improved. The third report, “Industrial Internet,” is expected in the spring of 2014. This report describes how independent sensor networks are continuing to digitize production processes and chains. The last report in the series, “Smart Cities,” explores the potential of smart living environments.

“Things – Internet of Business Opportunities” was co-authored by Menno van Doorn, Sander Duivestein, Jaap Bloem, Thomas van Manen, and Erik van Ommeren. All five authors are also working on the next three reports.

The report can be downloaded at

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