Effective software testing in agile projects made easy in new Sogeti publication

Technology provider Sogeti, recognized worldwide for its expertise in software testing, presents “TMap Next® in Scrum” helping businesses to secure the quality of IT applications in agile projects.

London, United Kingdom, 27 March, 2013

 Today technology services provider Sogeti, market leader in software testing, presents TMap NEXT® in Scrum, a practical and hands-on book describing how Sogeti’s world-renowned methodology for structured software testing, TMap NEXT®, can be used to secure the quality in agile IT projects.

The book explains how concepts such as “lean,” “agile” and “scrum” can be applied in practice. The integration of the TMap NEXT® methodology with Scrum is described in two ways; first, for organisations that are familiar with TMap® and want to apply it in a scrum environment; and secondly, for organisations that already work in a scrum environment. It shows how to integrate TMap® in this environment, using concrete practical examples for additional clarity. In this newly published book Sogeti also shows that software testing is an integral part of a Scrum approach and not a separate process.

Authors Leo van der Aalst and Cecile Davis commented: “The interest in an agile approach like Scrum when creating new IT applications is larger than ever before. However, Scrum offers hardly any guidelines on how to integrate testing in an agile environment and does not deal with the consequences for testers. Our customers started asking for a solution that integrates testing in agile projects. This book offers a very practical description which can be put to use immediately”.

TMap NEXT® is a leading global standard method for testing business applications. Developed by Sogeti, it consists of four essentials, seven phases and, in the basis, fifty-three activities. The central feature is agility. TMap NEXT® can be flexibly applied in any context and is therefore suitable for all business situations.

TMap NEXT® in Scrum, and all other publications from Sogeti experts can be found in the Sogeti online bookstore: www.sogeti.com/publications

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