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Our DNA, or who we are as a supplier, a partner or an employer as described by our people!

"What I like is the way we co-operate, the sharing of knowledge and the notion of a ‘nest’, the family feeling. That’s more important than only being in business for the money."

Jérôme Lecolazet, Sogeti High Tech, France

"What I appreciate about Sogeti is, first of all, the technical skills of their people, the way they find solutions to problems. You sense that behind this problem-solving capability, there is also good organisation and collective knowledge."
Pascale Montrocher, Dassault Aviation, France

"These are exciting times for our people; it is great that we are part of this story of growth. Sogeti India is a passionate organization. At the same time, we realize that we need to be adaptable and flexible to work with the different countries and cultures, to ensure that we have good relationships with all of them."
Harshawardhan Tulapurkar, Sogeti India

"The great thing about Sogeti is that they have a whole network of specialists to fall back on. If things really get complicated, Sogeti always has an expert at their disposal – somewhere!"
Wim Vliegenthart. International Card Services, Netherlands

"Being engaged is very important to me. Whatever I am able to accomplish and succeed at is only due to the feedback I get. What is the value I bring to the relationship? If I am not bringing value I simply won’t do it. I am pretty blunt about that."
Rick Meador, Sogeti USA

 Working for this company is big fun. I like the attitude. We want to be at the front of the line, ahead of the rest of the industry. And I want to work with the best, to give my best."
Cecilia Tsz Mei Choi, Sogeti USA

"For me in my professional life at Sogeti my career is not the typical ladder, but instead it’s more like a chessboard or a labyrinth, where the next move is not necessarily moving upwards, but striving towards fulfilling a passion. That is where the fun begins."
Andreas Sjöström, Sogeti Sweden

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