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Innovative iPad application offers competitive advantage to field sales teams. 


The client is an established leader in the business directory space and an early adopter of new
technology including the iPhone and iPad. The client saw an opportunity to create a new iPad application that would visualise how a customer’s advert could look across multiple delivery media. The in-house developed tool was the first of its kind but it was poorly received by their field sales team, so the client turned to Sogeti to help with the critical design and testing phases.


Sogeti assembled a team with extensive experience of developing and testing iPad and iPhone applications. The team used a combination of scripted and exploratory testing to ensure the versions were working properly. Other tests conducted included performance and data integrity testing for back-end systems, as well as usability and exception testing to ensure the application met expectations. These tests were conducted via a number of ways including bandwidth connections, public and private WiFi as well as encrypted and open networks.


Within three months, the iPad application, with extended functionality, went live. The application was described as being a huge competitive advantage and increased productivity. With the core application showing no critical bugs, the success of the iPad application allowed the client to enhance its reputation as a technological innovator within its industry.


“Mobile application development and testing is a critical requirement for a growing number of organisations. Our work with this client is typical of many of the projects we undertake where stretched internal resources need expert help to create and test applications in an area that they have limited expertise or tight deadlines to contend with.”

Nikunj Chadha, Managing Consultant, Sogeti  

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