Business Transformation Readiness Assessment

Digital Evaluation Assessment: Leading Telco

Leading telco accelerates its digital agenda by taking part in Sogeti’s Business Transformation Readiness Assessment.


This organisation launched in 2003 with the vision of doing things differently to other mobile operators. Their ethos has always been to make life easier for their customers; by helping them to get the most out of their mobile devices and the internet, offering real value from the services provided and by removing the barriers that frustrate them. In order to maintain an outstanding customer experience, they began looking at smarter ways of delivering on their IT transformation goals.


Having worked with Sogeti already for many years as a strategic partner for Quality and Digital Assurance, they began a Business Transformation Readiness Assessment with Sogeti’s DevOps division, to gain a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities that could be identified. These are bespoke assessments that vary in length, based on the number of interviews that need to be completed. This particular assessment was carried out over a three week period.


The business leaders at this leading Telco have a strong desire to scale, they want to disrupt the market and keep the momentum of success going through ongoing innovation. The process we followed helped them to understand that they must continue to ‘make IT right’, and that they can do this by reinforcing their customer focus, retaining high Electronic Mobile Payment Services, and maintaining the momentum that has brought them so much success to date. Their employees are aware that ‘change is in the air’ and it involves new technology and new infrastructure.This change opens up the ability to deliver the best possible customer experience, but for this to happen transformation is required and they need to ensure that it’s a smooth process that creates zero disruption to the business.


“We now know the areas to focus on and what quick wins we can make, we have listened to our staff and know how important it is to engage and communicate. Never underestimate how important it is understand the culture change that is required within any business transformation. Without this assessment it would have not been possible to reach the Target Operating Model.”

CIO Vendor Manager

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