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Managed Testing Services: XL Catlin

Sogeti helps XL Catlin to significantly improve release quality whilst reducing costs by 25%.


Sogeti was initially engaged by Catlin (before merging to become XL Catlin) on short term projects, providing Time & Materials resources that could be integrated within the testing team. Sogeti’s impact on each project created a positive impression and after working closely with us for some time, Catlin gave us the opportunity to help them to transform their testing. They signed a Managed Testing Service (MTS) agreement with us in 2011.


The MTS started in September 2011 and was built around two joint initiatives: continued cost reduction and increasing the number of projects on which formal testing was conducted. To ensure that success in those areas were met, the MTS was built upon a number of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Due to the success of the testing on the Underwriting Policy and Claims system as the scope of the MTS increased. The team increased to over 30 members as Sogeti was engaged to deliver testing services on a number of new projects.


From the first day, Sogeti instantly saved XL Catlin 12% of the overall cost of testing by replacing its long term contractors and we have now achieved the 25% savings set out by the end of the 3 year agreement. In 2011, XL Catlin had an average of 30 post-go-live production defects per release which was drastically reduced to just 2 for the previous 6 releases due to Sogeti implementing a Shift Left approach. With the hard work of Sogeti, we have raised the importance of testing and its importance is now much more recognised across the whole business.


"For me this has been a seven year journey where we have now reached our destination of high quality release and test processes. I can finally sleep at night."

David Joice, IT Director, XL Catlin


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