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Testing and The Crusade for Continuous Delivery

If Continuous Delivery is the Holy Grail that enables you to get more innovative applications to market faster and within budget, then automation is the key to a successful crusade and gaining a competitive advantage.

The Holy Grail

When embarking on this transformative journey you’re not going to get there on a donkey, you need a powerful steed. This means the traditional take on test automation, comprising a pass or fail set of scripting and test execution data points, needs to be upgraded with a more advanced test automation strategy that facilitates continuous testing.

Slaying Dragons

To truly realise the business benefits of automated delivery and eventually get to a place of continuous delivery, we need to take a shift left, look right approach and apply test automation to a wider variety of tests. We also need to start to automate relevant processes throughout the wider software delivery lifecycle.  The goal is to make the journey to the Holy Grail as short, efficient and risk-free as possible. This means taking a preventative approach to dragonish bugs and smiting them down with our lances before formal testing begins.

Quality & Eternal Youth

Just as the miraculous powers of the Holy Grail bring happiness, eternal youth, healing and sustenance, continuous testing and automated delivery free up your resources and bring speed, value, quality, innovation, transparency and control. Of course, automation should not be applied right across the board as a matter of course; it’s just as essential to know when not to automate. 

The Round Table

So what quantitative and qualitative questions do you need to answer to create a business case for automation? How do you decide which tests and processes to automate and when to do it? Why do some crusades fail, and how do you ensure you’re the knight in shining armour that holds the Grail in your hand?

In our new paper “Realising the Business Benefits of Automated Delivery”, we answer these questions and more to get your SDLC on the path from squire to Knight of the Round Table.

For a deeper dive into how to deliver your applications at speed with cognitive and test design automation, robotics and continuous testing, download the paper for free here.

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