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Test Expo, Agile Expo and DevOps Expo - 1 Ticket, 3 Great Co-located Events

This year Test Expo 2017 brings even more value to you and your business with 2 other co-located conferences, Agile Expo and DevOps Expo, allowing you to attend any session of the 3 conferences when you buy your ticket. October 31, London.

Test Expo17

The theme for this year’s much anticipated test Expo 2017 is “Mind the Gap”, focussing on the fact that many QA professionals are concerned about a perceived gap between their current skillset and what their organisations are demanding from them. The presentations will focus on achieving new skills and increasing maturity in existing and emerging frameworks and new technologies, including DevOps, Agile, Robotics, predictive analytics and SMACT.

Thought Leadership

We have a diverse line-up of great speakers such as Sogeti’s Enterprise Architect and Solutions Director, Andrew Fullen; Mark Buenen, VP Global Leader in Sogeti Group’s Digital Assurance & Testing Practice; Angie Main, Programme Manager at Barclays Bank plc.; Tom Gilb, Senior Partner at GILB.com; and Mark Lines, Enterprise Agile Coach at Disciplined Agile Consortium.   

For more detailed insight into the speakers and their presentations, you can see our earlier blog “Join us at TestExpo17” and to get a special offer of 3 tickets for the price of 4, visit the TestExpo17 Website.

Agile Expo 17

Agile adoption has come a long way since the Agile Manifesto caused such controversy back in 2001. In fact, the World Quality Report 2016-17 shows that only 1% of respondents are not yet using Agile development methods. Many organisations are now using a mix of frameworks including SAFe®, Scrum and XP, DAD and the PM Framework, in a bid to achieve pure agility. The theme of Agile Expo this year, is “Innovating & Changing with Agile” and the speakers and attendees will be looking at how adopting the Core Statements has changed the development and delivery of software, how to overcome the associated challenges and what the future holds.

Cost-effective Cybersecurity

Come along and hear Charles Weir, Security Researcher at Lancaster University reveal how to tackle and prevent security breaches without incurring huge costs or becoming lost in the complexities. This talk centres around recent GCHQ-funded research and promises to give highly useful insights into the most cost-effective ways to improve cybersecurity.

A New Way to Scale Agile

Outstanding Agile Coach, Trainer and Mentor Ben Maynard, from RBS Plc, will lead an interactive discussion, divulging his thought leadership on how to tackle the issue of scalability in the banking sector.  His forward-thinking approach is to facilitate the creation of new structures, cultures and delivery approaches, rather downsizing those that already exist.

Addressing the Challenges of Agile Delivery

In his talk “Adapting Product Management Techniques for Real World Challenges”, Aaron Booth, Product Owner in Central Government, will be sharing his interesting and varied experiences working with co-located Agile teams, outsourced development companies and remote developers. He’ll then present some practical, usable solutions to the most common Agile delivery challenges.

For a complete list of speakers and a more in-depth look at the other Agile talks, visit the Agile Expo 2017 website.

DevOps Expo 17

DevOps Expo will examine the meaning and implementation of “Effective DevOps”, now that we are in a new age of DevOps maturity. As DevOps has evolved, we’ve outgrown the original architecture and are now seeking to rely on Microservices to support faster delivery. This conference will investigate how this impacts people, process and technology and how to combat the associated challenges.

How to Design Microservice Architectures

Richard Rodger, Co-founder, nearForm.com will be giving his expert opinion on “Designing Microservice Architectures: How to decide what microservices to build, and what messages they should send.” He’ll be posing and addressing a variety of important questions such as:

  • What are the patterns that you use to build message flows in services?
  • What are the ways that those messages flows will fail?
  • Are they scalable?
  • How do you distribute complexity evenly?

DevOps & Buddhist Philosophy

Founder and Principal Consultant of Atalanta Systems, Stephen Nelson-Smith, will deliver the rather intriguingly titled talk “Bodhisattva Ops: Reflections on DevOps through the lens of Buddhist Philosophy”. It will focus on the DevOps culture, the need for compassion and the way in which the traditional Buddhist 7 points of mind training can be applied for DevOps success.  Stephen Nelson-Smith says of his DevOps theory, “I've become increasingly convinced that the world's wisdom traditions have important lessons that can help bring a healthier attitude to ourselves and each other, and help us develop our productivity, effectiveness, creativity, and, ultimately, success.”

You can find out what else DevOps Expo 2017 has in store for you on the website.

Be sure to take advantage of the special offer of 3 tickets for the price of 4 when you book.  We look forward to seeing you for what promises to be an enlightening and lively debate on the future of QA and Testing. 

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