Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps

It’s crazy to think that Uber is now estimated at around $70 billion and exceeding the value of General Motors, one of the manufacturers of the cars Uber drivers use!

~ Written By Lara Irwin

Stories of agile start-ups outstripping more mature businesses show that the digital age is in the past and the transformation age is in full flow. But how can you compete with agile, lean start-ups if your business was not born in the Web 2.0 era? Those of you who’ve been following our “Design to Disrupt” series of reports and blogs, from Sogeti’s Trend Lab (VINT), will already be familiar with the concept of transforming your business to embrace and leverage Digital Disruption. The final report in the series, “Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps” takes a practical no-nonsense look at the necessary components of a digital enterprise. In it we discover how we can learn from lean start-ups like Spotify and Uber: engaging our employees, harnessing the power of SMACT technology and using the Big Bang Theory method for market introductions. It also shows how we can mimic the success of mature organisations such as GE and ING Bank who have embraced disruption to become more agile. Crucially for businesses seeking to achieve digital transformation and implement a DevOps culture, the Report explains how Management Innovation is the key to success.

In the truly digital enterprise your products and services are permeated with digital enrichment, offering your customers better quality, a faster time to market and a seamless, world-class customer experience. Through this digital transformation the business becomes “Antifragile”, welcoming digital disruption, risk and uncertainty as a means of innovation. With regard to testing we must take a Lean Startup approach: coding and building faster utilising Unit and Usability Tests, Continuous Integration and Incremental Deployment; and using Split Testing to measure and learn faster.

This is the goal, but how does Management Innovation get us there?

Well, as the Report shows, the first step to more entrepreneurial Management Innovation is to develop a transformative vision of what success looks like for your business. The vision will only become a reality if you ensure buy-in from your employees by involving them from the outset; create new governance; and fully merge the goals and processes of IT and the wider business. By changing your company’s cultural DNA, automating more, implementing lean ways of working, measuring everything and collaborating and sharing, you can achieve the continuous iterative innovation that characterises a true DevOps environment. The Management Innovation that will get you there requires:

- Multiple funding for new initiatives - Community over hierarchy - Killing off bureaucracy - Honour web-inspired value - Reinventing management - Speed

As Management Guru, Gary Hemel, says ‘Management innovation is going to be the most enduring source of competitive advantage. There will be lots of rewards for firms in the vanguard”, but be warned, there are no easy fixes and no blueprint, success is dependent on creating an achievable vision for your particular business, the expertise and passion of your people and the partners you work with and ultimately, perseverance.

If you are interested to discover how these ideas can become a reality for your business, you can download Design to Disrupt: Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps here.

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