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Machine Intelligence – The Bot Effect: ‘Friending Your Brand’

SogetiLabs writers Menno van Doorn and Sander Duivestein have just released the second of four reports on Machine Intelligence – The Bot Effect: ‘Friending Your Brand’.

 ~ Written By Lara Irwin


SogetiLabs writers Menno van Doorn and Sander Duivestein have just released the second of four reports on Machine Intelligence – The Bot Effect: ‘Friending Your Brand’. It’s a report that looks into current discussions on the bot era and how bots are being integrated into every-day life. From how bots are creating conversation for personal and commercial use to what the social face of bots should be through to how bots can communicate with staff in the workplace. The report gives an in-depth review and discussion into what we can expect in the future and what progress is currently being made within the world of robotics and their integration into everyday life.

With bots being increasingly integrated within the commercial world, Menno and Sander investigate what this could mean for some industries and companies that are heavily application based especially as Gartner believes this trend places us in the post-app era. Could this mean bots are the new apps?

Discussions in the report go into detail about the intelligence of the bots and what part machine intelligence plays in ensuring the bots can understand and deal with your needs. Does this mean your brand can become friendlier through presenting itself through chat platforms and therefore gain brand loyalty? Well by reading the report you will be able to learn how companies like KLM are already banking on this being the case. IT systems were not designed with a view to having a natural human conversation, and now they are, this raises a whole load of new questions to what people are calling the ‘people-fication’.

The report delves into a term called ‘the butler economy’ and what this means for modern day. With innovative technology being discussed in the report, it gives insight into what companies such as Facebook and Amazon are doing to bring products to us that ensure us a seamless and extended access to information through bots or, as they call it, ‘smart agents’.

Reading this report gives us an understanding of micro moments and it shows why Forrester Research have said they are a huge opportunity for companies. Further to this it goes into depth of why Marketing guru’s such as Brian Solis are saying they are the ‘new reality of marketing’, and how micro moments allow conversation to go into conversion.

So considering the other topics such as how bots can help customers buy products, get them information they need and have a friendly interface to do it with, how could they help employees within the workplace? Does this mean we could see Robo-doctors, -chefs, -lawyers? Further to this could our new boss be a bot? See examples of this already being implemented, with venture capital investor Deep Knowledge Ventures from Hong Kong being the first company in the world appointing a software program as a member of its Executive Board and seeing what benefits have surfaced from this.

With bots being an emerging technology, we can’t say what the direction of this technology will be for sure but this report offers a good starting point to better understand these new opportunities. To further understand the impact that this could have on our day-to-day lives, you can read the full report here.

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