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We recently explored the high-demand for native mobile applications in order to gain a seamless user experience across multiple platforms. The reason for this is that when users experience slow performance, crashes or bugs, they stop using your app, uninstall it and may even leave you a bad review.

~ Written By Lara Irwin

Unless you have the resources to employ separate development teams for each operating system, it can be difficult to create mobile apps that yield a financial return – an unfortunate place to be if you’re part of the 50% of organisations that are currently employing fewer than five developers in-house1.

In fact, Gartner recently predicted that for most businesses’ the market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than their internal capacity to deliver them.

The Sogeti Xamarin mobile development and testing solution

The increased demand for native apps just adds to the burden already placed on IT departments to get mobile applications to market quicker and more cost-effectively – without significant loss of performance.

Even so, Kinvey’s State of Enterprise Mobility report revealed that 56% of mobile leaders surveyed say it takes from 7 to 12 months to build an app. And 25% say they spend from over $1.5M per app, with an average of $270k per app2.

We’ve designed our new Xamarin mobile development and testing solution to help businesses of any size keep up with the demand for native mobile apps by reducing the time it takes to get them designed, built and tested – without compromising seamless native performance across the three major mobile platforms.

Our newest mobile application solution delivers the ability to utilise a single codebase across iOS, Android and Windows. And it’s already proven to help businesses increase the speed to market of mobile apps by 15-20%.

Why Sogeti is the perfect partner

At Sogeti, we know that if you’re struggling to find the people-power you need to develop apps that perform to their best across all mobile operating systems, simply cutting down on your app’s time-to-market isn’t the only solution open to you.

By partnering with Sogeti, you gain access to our Mobile and Xamarin Centres of Excellence, and with it the combined knowledge and skills of over 400 mobile experts. All of whom have the expertise needed to review and advise on how you can build applications that add value and work.

Whatever your requirements, Sogeti can act as an extension of your team by offering flexible and scalable assistance with design, development and testing, as you need it. And once you’re ready to launch, you can also take advantage of Microsoft’s and Capgemini’s group marketing power through our go-to-market support.

As Elite Xamarin partners, we can offer our extensive expertise and experience of working with their Lighthouse programme, potentially adding additional technical skills and close collaboration with the Xamarin Development team.

Click here to download our Xamarin infographic and find out how working with Sogeti can benefit your business. Or visit our dedicated Xamarin webpage.

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