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Creating the Digital Enterprise and Delivering on Digital Assurance

According to the Digital Testing in Europe Report, last year 75% of European businesses stated that the expansion of their digital presence will be their number one IT priority until at least the latter part of 2017.

~ Written By Lara Irwin

Many organisations are asking: “What does a digital version of our organisation look like?” as a greater number of customers are demanding digital applications with newer features faster than ever before. According to the Digital Testing in Europe Report, last year 75% of European businesses stated that the expansion of their digital presence will be their number one IT priority until at least the latter part of 2017.

However the pressure to digitally transform is making it impossible for organisations to test 100% of their releases. In this same report, a worryingly low 18% implemented a digital testing strategy in 2015 and only 35% of businesses in Europe had plans in place to embark on a digital testing programme this year.

Creating the Digital Enterprise is not easy; it is a transformative journey for organisations that enables them to get closer to customers. It’s a journey where real-time analytics enhance both the organisation’s strategic thinking and immediate actions. Innovation-readiness embraces accelerators such as DevOps, API’s, Internet-of-Things, machine learning, and virtual reality, in an open and collaborative mind-set.

For this reason, QA and testing has to become even more focused on Customer Experience (CX) and Business Assurance strategies, while continuous integration, continuous deployment, automation and end-to-end testing should offer new ways to overcome traditional business silos and stagnant operational structures and processes.

Digital assurance has to be embedded into development processes using a high degree of automation, in order to enable both quality and speed.

Bi-Modal IT

For most organisations digital transformation will necessitate a Bi-modal IT model. The first mode of delivery is focused on the risk-averse stability of traditional IT. The second delivers fluid, digital, agile IT in a DevOps environment, with goals aligned to the wider business and end-user, enabling continuous innovation and rapid delivery. According to Gartner, 45% of CIOs are already operating a branch of Fluid IT and by 2017 75% of IT organisations will have a fully-fledged Bi-modal capability. The 2 main challenges here are:

  1. Facilitating the necessary cultural transition to one of collaboration as opposed to conflict.
  2. Enabling Testing & QA teams to work more closely with development and business analysis teams for a more customer-centric approach. Testing must not become the bottleneck due to a lack of capacity and capability, but rather be able to scale up and down, shift left and become the enabler of Bi-modal IT, DevOps and rapid deployment.

The Impact of DevOps and IoT

This year’s World Quality Report reveals that, in spite of the fact that there’s been a 4% decline in IT budget expenditure on Testing & QA, most organisations are still very concerned about spiraling testing costs. They expect an upward move from 31% this year to 40% by 2019, as they struggle to meet the testing demands of Agile, DevOps, Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things. Nearly 88% of companies are now using DevOps and 85% say IoT products are part of their business operations. It’s definitely a cause for concern that currently, of the 85% utilising IoT products, a huge 68% do not have an IoT-specific test strategy!

As we know, DevOps drives the need for greater automation and virtualisation and the complexity of IoT products necessitates enhanced security testing and unusual and often extreme test environments. With this in mind, companies are realising the need to rapidly develop their Test Environment and Test Data Management strategies. Herein lies one of the biggest challenges that needs to be overcome to produce better quality products, in a more cost-effective way and get them to market ahead of the competition.

Feeling Unsure?

Whilst cloud is both a driver and an essential tool of digital transformation, like the IoT, it brings with it increased concern over the security of sensitive data and transactions. Faced with the need to make extensive adaptation, many companies are turning to managed service providers who are better equipped to provide them with advanced testing methods and environments and the required level of efficiency and professional expertise, such as high tech Data Scientists and AI experts. This is particularly prevalent in the High Tech sector with 57% using managed application testing services and 49% utilising external security test teams to enable them to scale up or down per project.

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The road to digital transformation is a well-trodden one, and it’s pretty unusual these days to come across an organisation that has not started out on this complex journey. If you are keen to find out more about achieving digital success join Andreas Sjöström, digital strategist and a true innovator, on Thursday 8th December 2016 @ 15:00 – 16:00 GMT. On this webinar he will be addressing the topic of “Creating the Digital Enterprise”, focusing on the importance of innovation and differentiation, the connected economy, and the customer journey, while touching on his personal experiences of helping organisation’s to achieve their digital goals.

And to find out how "DevOps could be The End of Testing and the Beginning of Digital Assurance!" join us on Wednesday 7th December @ 15:00 – 15:45 GMT, when Dinant van der Starre, former QA Manager and for the last 4 years the Agile Coach and Scrum Master at KPN - the largest Dutch telecom and IT Service provider, will present his and KPN’s journey towards ensuring sufficient quality across the value chain. He will touch upon subjects including DevOps, Monitoring, Automation and last but not least, the culture which enables teams to achieve high performance levels. Dinant will be joined by Mark Buenen, VP and Global Testing Leader and co-author of the 2016-17 World Quality Report, who will share the QA trends and the recommendations from the report.

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