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Sogeti Studio, combined with our highly skilled mobile testing resources, provides you with access to close collaboration, local resources and devices, and the option to see your applications being tested in practice – an ideal solution for clients who feel offshore delivery isn’t an option.

Mobility and the web have completely redefined the rules of communication and business. While offering distinct advantages, mobile and web applications also raise many challenges, especially in today’s world, where information and feedback are provided at the touch of a button. The user is king, and reputation can be won and lost in an instant. 

With a wealth of mobile expertise and experience, Sogeti can support you, whether you are looking to deliver a high quality customer experience, better execution, or consistency across networks and devices.

This is typically an area that requires significant investment, which many businesses find hard to justify for ad-hoc requirements. This is why, in addition to our Mobile Centres of Excellence (CoE) in India, Sogeti has developed a comprehensive local web and mobile testing lab in the UK.

Sogeti Studio offers clients the chance to test across a wide range of regularly refreshed devices, browsers and application configurations, almost on-demand and within a set time period – like a recording studio. We use a variety of leading paid-for and open source tools as well as proprietary frameworks, and clients benefit from comprehensive reporting dashboards.

We offer the following set of mobile testing services, all of which are supported by our industry-recognised structured testing approach, TMap® NEXT:

  • Mobile Functional Testing - Validate the functionality of your mobile solution
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing - Execute manual and automated testing across many different devices and platforms
  • Mobile Usability Testing - Evaluate the application's user experience with a sample user group, senior testers, and benchmark against similar applications 
  • Mobile Performance Testing -  Maximise and measure end-to-end app performance, network availability and performance, system integration and back end performance
  • Mobile Security Testing - Validate common security aspects including confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorisation, availability and non-repudiation
  • Web Accessibility Testing - The creation and execution of functional test scripts used to validate website compliance to Accessibility Guidelines such as : W3C Accessibility WCAG1.0 (A, AA or AAA) /WCAG2.0; UK Government Guidelines for the creation of useable and accessible websites.

Sogeti Studio also offers the following services:

  • Content Management System (CMS) Testing
  • Tool Evaluations
  • Desktop Evaluations
  • Bespoke Solutions

Our Mobile Testing Centre of Excellence (CoE) in India can provide additional offshore knowledge and resources where necessary.

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